How To Begin Your Cryptocurrency Journey

Johnpaul Ifechukwu

The greatest return on investment is knowledge.

William Franklin

Learning about cryptocurrencies would provide you with a competitive advantage in the future.

It’s time to act now that you have all this information at your disposal. This crypto race is a marathon, not a sprint. Do not crouch when you begin your cryptocurrency adventure. Rise.

The list of cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap is not exhaustive. When they first begin, newcomers often ask questions such as, “Which coin do I buy?” “Where do I start?”

There is a tonne of possibilities available.

Do not forget that this is a battle. The financial world is changing right now. It’s not only a financial revolution. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies would alter how we see, transmit, and communicate value. All of that would change. In this decade, there will be a significant wealth shift. You must decide what to do. You may either educate yourself, actively participate in shaping your future, and join this Revolution, or you can let others make decisions for you and let life happen to you.

One of the most often discussed subjects of this decade is a cryptocurrency, with the majority of people showing a deep interest in learning about its worldwide value while half of them are still unsure of what the hoopla around cryptocurrencies is all about.

Describe cryptocurrency:

A completely digital form of money, cryptocurrency is used, shared, and kept online. Its decentralised nature allows for the direct exchange of money without the need for a middleman. Since most governments do not actively participate in this space, the manufacturing of cryptocurrencies is uncontrolled, in contrast to the manufacture of actual money. Blockchain technology is used to produce cryptocurrency, which is built to store records and data while keeping them safe from theft and interference.

The term “encryption,” one of its key properties, gives cryptocurrency its name. Advanced encryption is used to safeguard cryptocurrencies using intricate coding scripts, ensuring the security of all transactions and storage operations.

The existence of cryptocurrency has long been a source of debate. Cryptocurrency has undergone years of evaluation, from shattering the taboos around it to officially establishing its place as acknowledged digital money. However, the buzz has greatly grown in recent years.

It is becoming a household name due to the growing buzz as it spreads across regions and countries. However, what precisely is a cryptocurrency and how does it operate? These queries are still present. You have come to the correct site if you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies.

The following 6 suggestions will safeguard and guide you while you travel the cryptocurrency world:

1. Prevent Fraud

2. Open an Account for Free

3. Get Paid in Cryptocurrency

4. Become A Member Of A Local Crypto Community

5. Read A Book On Cryptocurrency

6. Get a Job In Crypto

7. Buy cryptocurrency

8. Choose A Trustworthy Crypto Exchange Platform For A Process.

1. Prevent Fraud:

Numerous cryptocurrency frauds are available and ready to defraud gullible consumers. Any enterprise that encourages coin purchases and promises big returns of more than 30% each month, week, or day is most likely a fraud.

Without making a single investment, it is possible to accumulate bitcoin wealth. By making a tiny investment and trading with it, or by just sitting back and watching it develop, it is possible to become wealthy via cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you may put $3 into a coin and see it grow to $3,000 in a short period. Yes! While luck is possible, it’s uncommon, so you shouldn’t put your money on it. There is a better way to do it.

Don’t put money into cryptocurrency Ponzi scams, particularly if you’re a novice to investing. Some individuals can handle the danger, but you’ll usually end up more resentful and impoverished than when you started, and you’ll lose time. I’m not suggesting it’s impossible to use cryptocurrencies to earn a fortune. I have seen returns of up to 10,000%, but they weren’t obtained by Ponzi scheme investment.

2. Open Free Account:

You need a crypto account now that you have a wallet for cryptocurrencies. Be aware that a wallet and an account are distinct terms. A wallet is an application that facilitates communication with your account (s). Your public address or key and your private key make up your bitcoin account. Therefore, you may import many cryptocurrency accounts to a basic wallet such

3. Get Paid In Cryptocurrency:

People are being paid for learning about cryptocurrencies and carrying out easy chores as we are on the verge of widespread bitcoin adoption. This could seem unusual to someone unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, but if you have been following the cryptocurrency community, you should already be aware that individuals get compensated for doing basic tasks. Tokens will ultimately be used to represent all types of value. The whole system will be tokenized.

The only issue is that before you can access your cash, they would place you on a never-ending waiting list. The bulk of the individuals I know are still waiting, but I only know a small number of people who have been able to earn this manner.

4. Become A Member of A Local Crypto Community: 

Surround yourself with individuals that motivate and inspire you to make great changes in your life. Create a group so that you may cooperate to help one another and improve your life.

Being a member of a crypto community where you can learn and interact with other enthusiasts is crucial if you are new to cryptocurrencies. You need a neighbourhood support group where you can talk shop and learn about the most recent bitcoin developments. The bitcoin market is still in its infancy, yet it is expanding quickly like a newborn infant. You may stay current with trends by participating in a community and its conversations.

An issue is waiting for you to fix if you don’t have a local crypto community. Make one. Activate the conversation. Take up the role of a leader. The advantages are enormous.

5. Read A Book On Cryptocurrency: 

When I first began writing this piece, I recommended learning more about cryptocurrencies. To emphasise it, I’m saying it again. Your familiarity with the cryptocurrency industry and technology will set you apart and make a big impact. You may be better able to see possibilities throughout the value chain the more you understand cryptocurrencies.

Whatever your passion, you will eventually have to deal with money, thus learning about cryptocurrencies is crucial. Currency is crypto currency! Everybody will employ it. Not only crypto aficionados can use it. As new inventions hit the market, knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrencies helps individuals find new jobs and enterprises.

6. Get a Job In Crypto:

For skilled individuals, the world of cryptocurrencies offers several opportunities. If you are employed by a blockchain initiative or firm and have digital talents, I believe you could make more money. This is not a hunch; according to, the typical wage for blockchain engineers is much greater than the typical salary of a software engineer in other jobs. Research shows that there has been a 517% growth in the need for blockchain developers and that this demand will only grow over time. Your university diplomas and credentials are irrelevant to employers and companies. They are solely interested in how well you can perform.

7. Buy Cryptocurrency:

One of the wisest decisions you can make for 2019 is to invest in cryptocurrencies. Negative interest rates, widespread hyperinflation, trade conflicts, etc. suggest that a severe financial catastrophe is imminent. Bad monetary policies have led to economic crises in Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Sudan, and Argentina. For instance, in Venezuela, you’ll need a wheelbarrow of cash to purchase tissue paper since the value of the currency has significantly decreased due to hyperinflation brought on by the excessive production of currency. You want to invest in cryptocurrencies because they will act as a hedge against the Naira, the dollar, and any other currency that is supported by the government.

Cryptocurrency investment is wise. But don’t simply buy into the hype or because everyone else is doing it. You must first invest in yourself. Invest in your education. Since investing in cryptocurrencies is dangerous, you need to understand what is happening. Discover before you invest. Investing is dangerous. Deliberately take chances. Invest an amount you’re comfortable losing, and as your confidence grows and you learn more about cryptocurrencies, you may progressively expand your portfolio.

You may either use a cryptocurrency exchange to invest directly or turn to conventional brokers for assistance.

Values of cryptocurrencies may shift quite fast. As a result, new investors must complete their due diligence before entering the market and ultimately experiencing swings.

Most locations do not allow cryptocurrencies, but the number of institutions that do is growing.

Once you understand the fundamentals and a few sophisticated features of digital currency, investing in cryptocurrencies is not difficult. Before entering the market, learn how to trade cryptocurrencies. Let’s learn about investing. Since there are different crypto laws in every country, some may not function properly there.

8. Choose A Trustworthy Crypto Exchange Platform For A Process:

Utilize the site to set up a trading account. You may need to upload the necessary ID proofs and other papers as part of the procedure.

Funding your account is necessary right now. Transfer some money to your bank account and purchase cryptocurrencies with it. It can take some time for the platform to let you make active transactions.

You may now use your trading account to purchase and make investments in a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Storage Techniques

Knowing the most fundamental sorts of bitcoin storage techniques for Hot Wallet and Cold Wallet is essential as you take part in the active selling and purchasing activity.

A digital wallet that is simple to establish, access, and store crypto tokens are referred to as a “Hot Wallet.” However, it is very prone to be hacked or controlled by internet intruders.

A Cold Wallet, on the other hand, is not linked to the internet. Cold Wallet is an uncomfortable method of storing cryptocurrency, but it is far more dependable and safe since it is shielded from unauthorised access by not being connected to the internet.

The Function Of Cryptocurrency:

Similar to how your credit card works, cryptocurrency allows you to pay for services using a digital asset rather than money. Cryptocurrency owners may conduct seamless transactions by using a special wallet to store their digital currencies and swap them with peers through software. Here are a few components of how cryptography works.

A distributed public ledger is used by cryptocurrencies to store and update ongoing transaction information. Blockchain is the term for this ledger.

The parties engaged are not included in the transaction records; just the received and transmitted monies are.

The process of “mining,” which also creates new coins while validating previous money transactions, is how cryptocurrencies are formed.

Since cryptocurrency is very secure, access to manage cryptocurrencies needs both a private key and a password.

A platform as volatile as cryptocurrency is often prone to changes, fluctuations, or declines. To get excellent outcomes, investors must put all of their research into practice.


One of the most important technological developments of the twenty-first century is crypto. More individuals are eager to accept it as their digital money due to the quick digitization and dependability of digitised transaction techniques. Resistance is still apparent among many, however. When you master the fundamentals, Bitcoin is as easy to comprehend and use as it first seems to be.

Is Investing In Cryptocurrencies A Wise Idea?:


If you are aware of the risks involved with digital currency and have a thorough understanding of them, investing in cryptocurrency may be profitable. A crypto investor must keep in mind a few essential guidelines to make money with cryptocurrencies, including thorough research, prudent investment, and active market interactions to monitor fluctuations. Unquestionably one of the most volatile markets is the one for cryptocurrencies, so proceed with caution.

Do Banks Recognise Cryptocurrencies?


Numerous efforts to develop virtual money were attempted during the 20th century, giving rise to cryptocurrency. Although Bit Gold was one of the early efforts to create virtual money back in 1998, Bitcoin may be the original cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, the current market leader in terms of popularity, was made possible by Bit Gold.

Run away from any initiative that promises to quadruple your money quickly, without risk, and by doing nothing.

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