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What Is a Principal Business Code?

When you start a business, you need several identifiers that the IRS uses to collect and examine your primary business

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How to Start a Profitable Airbnb Business in 2022

Airbnb is a business that was established in the year 2008. When it was first founded, the founders' main goal

13 Min Read

Listing a Principal Place of Business for Taxes

If you are a sole proprietor or a single-location business, your principal place of business is your home, office, shop,

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See What You Need Before Your Print Your Own Business Check Paper

You can customize your assessments by printing your business check paper, and you won't run out of money unexpectedly. Printing

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What is a Business Tradeline? All You Need to Know

A business tradeline refers to a type of credit that a vendor offers to a business owner. The business is

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What Is Steering in Real Estate?

In the real estate world, agents listen carefully needs of clients and send any exciting listings. Needs are more important

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Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Industry in 2022

Many professions in real estate offer the possibility to make a good living. Based on their training and location, the

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Best Business Podcasts

People who like podcasts have the intimate experience of constantly listening to a person through speakers. You feel a strong

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How To Create a Business Startup Budget in 2022

Creating a budget is one of the essential tasks when starting something like a business. A reasonable budget will allow

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What Is a Book of Business? 

A book of business is another name for an account or a client list. A well-maintained business book will assist

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